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Re: Convention Circuit - Most Favorite Person You've Met?

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Kinggodzillak, I never met Nana Visitor, but I did see her speak at a convention once. To be honest, I never liked the character of Kira. But after enjoying her presentation on stage, my views completely changed. She was charismatic, charming, funny and warm. If she present these qualities to an entire audience from the stage, I can imagine how wonderfully overwhelming her personality would be one on one.
I look forward to the time I can meet her in person.
I've heard quite a few people say that their negative view of Kira (or even Nana herself) was changed after seeing her in person, whether it was an actual meet or just hearing her in a talk. I never had anything other than a postive view of Kira; she was always my fave DS9 character, and I had heard nothing but good things about Nana before I met her...and even then, I still wasn't prepared for just how well she came across. For a while I wondered if maybe she'd made such a strong impression just because she was the first Trek guest I'd ever met, back when the whole thing was a novelty still - but no. Having met most of them by now she's still in a class of her own. From the moment the convention opens right until the end of the day she's smiling and friendly and warm and totally approachable, and seems to really enjoy being there and meeting everybody.

Really hope you can get to meet her at some point; I've seen her at four events now and no matter who else is there that I haven't met before, she's always a highlight. And it's even gotten to the point now where, um, she remembers me. Which is nice.

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