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It's a statue of a cat. Thanks for playing.
There really is no need for further discussion. Saying "gay" in that context is not exactly complimentary. If you would like to keep playing, please cease from using the word "gay" in this manner.

Comments to PM.
And that goes for everyone else as well, there is no need to prolong the matter.
LOL, I just found out you gave me an infraction like, one month ago.

The reason you quote: Questioning someone's intelligence like that is a clear-cut flame. I also see you CHOSE to ignore your friend Kestrel just 10 posts above me telling me "I'm laughing at the superior intellect." which is questioning my intelligence and is a clear-cut flame. But I guess because he's your friend and/or it's a Star Trek quote, it's okay for him to do it to me.

What I don't see in the FAQ or anywhere is an explanation about what that "point" in my PM is suppose to mean. And since I don't come here too often, I guess it doesn't mean anything. You could try to explain it to me, but I probably wouldn't see it until July.
Infraction for ignoring the standard instruction of "Comments to PM".

Comments to PM.
(whoa... deja vu)
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