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Re: Classic Who on BBC America

I watched the retrospective, of course, and just enough of the actual story to see if they pulled that "stretch to LetterBox" formatting again. The "pan" in space, drawing Earth into the shot was the give away, turning our home world into a bloody egg for several frustrating moments. After that, I switched off the TV. I had viewed my vintage "from the air" VCR recording of the serial only a couple of months ago, so I was satisfied.

Having seen BBCA pull this stunt twice, I now wonder why it didn't with "The Aztecs"? (Though I'm glad it didn't, not having seen that adventure before that broadcast.)

Well, now we know, at least in part, why Moffatt created the Weeping Angels. To hopefully present viewers the feelings of dread he experienced upon seeing shop dummies lumbering under their own power within the streets. (And in their debut, the Angels certainly did that.)


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