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Re: TOS: Devil's Bargain by Tony Daniel Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Granted that Diane Duane's works do require a shoehorn, a large mallet, and copious amounts of axle grease to fit them into modern continuity. But on the other hand, I find them to be among the very best ST prose ever written, and Naraht has shown up in other authors' novels.
I realized long ago that quality and continuity are two entirely separate issues. A story doesn't need to fit with other stories to be an enjoyable reading experience. And indeed, I came to realize that the more I tried to mentally edit or homogenize books like Duane's to force them to fit the continuity, the more I stripped them of their unique flavor and tone, to the point that it actually undermined my enjoyment of them. Duane's version of Trek is so enjoyable precisely because it isn't like the conventional version, because it has its own unique elements that come from her specific vision and style. So I found I could enjoy the books more once I stopped trying to force them to fit together and just let them be their own separate interpretations.

One thing about Naraht: when I looked him up on Memory Beta, I found given names attached to him that I never saw before. Whence came they?
His full name was given as Dahai Iohor Naraht in the computer game The Kobayashi Alternative, written by Duane. The Mem Beta article misspells the middle name as Lohor, and I've just asked them to change it (I don't know how to edit article titles).
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