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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

27. The Lives of Others: B+ (German film)
28. The Croods: B+
29. Jennifers Body: D+
30. Evil Dead (2013 remake): B+
31. G.I. Joe: Retaliation: B

This is a very solid film. Hard to believe perhaps after the very uneven, divisive and mischaracterized first film. If the first film did anything right it was to actually set up the pieces that allowed this film to feel much more like G.I. Joe.

It corrected itself by not having the over the top humor that Wayans Ripcord played. I don't even blame Wayans as he's a funny guy. This movie, that role just wasn't a good fit for the film, he only played the role as he was hired to do so. I blame the script that felt that was necessary. The bad humor was only one thing they corrected. They also made the tech much more of a tiny jump ahead of normal instead of into sci-fi tech territory. The f/x was also much better as to not be distracting as the finale was in the first film.

This film does have humor but it's better placed and within better context of character moments. The character of Flint is really bland. The character within the Joe world commands plenty of authority himself and here he was portrayed as essentially a Lieutenant, which any character could interchangeable have been. The smaller cast also makes it feel a bit un-Joe, especially with so much focus on Johnson's Roadblock. Despite Bruce Willis' General Colton only having about 15min or so combined screen time in the last 2/3 of the film he felt more integral than Flint.

Adrianne Palicki shines as Lady Jaye. I really think the reason Flint is used was due solely to how these two are linked in the mythos. There is a nice moment with her and Colton at the end of the film that ties up her character arc. Her performance here makes me wish a stronger scripted Wonder Woman show for her had happened.

Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Cobra Commander are all equally well done. CC is improved upon from the first. I like Ray Stevenson and his Firefly was fun to watch.

I'd be much more inclined to support a sequel to this now. I'd like to bring back Baroness and Scarlett. General Hawk should be an easy return as well among others(without being spoilery). Destro seems set up for a third film most likely.
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