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Re: Why my friend doesn't like DS9: Sisko.

Vanyel wrote: View Post
A question for you Edit_XYZ, the suicide pills you believe all command personnel should have when in battle with the Borg, when should they use them?
When they're about to get assimilated - the tubules entering their neck, about to be sedated on a borg ship, etc.

Look at it, Starfleet can't stop the Borg which means the Borg are going to be able to take who or what they want from any ship, so why try?
Defeatism? That's it?*
It's unknown whether starfleet can stop the borg or not in a given situation.
But in ANY situation, starfleet will be in a far better position if its command personnel dies rather than being assimilated.

*Of course, you can't convincingly argue that Picard displayed anything approaching competence with regard to his kidnapping by the borg - without resorting to logical fallacies, that is.
Still, is this fatalistic ~'starfleet'll lose in any case' mindset the only argument you could come up with?

Dream wrote: View Post
Starfleet officers are already expected to give their lives to protect the Federation. Better to let them die fighting.
Except they won't die, but get themselves assimilated - with disastrous results for the federation (starfleet officers are known for that, too).

The suicide pill idea is moronic and destroys moral.
If that's sufficient to destroy morale, then there's not much morale to be destroyed in the first place.

And merely not sitting well with your cushy moral sensibilities doesn't not make an idea 'moronic'.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton
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