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Re: 7x06 The Bells of St John - review/ discussion

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I really like the episode but heckling Ghost Bones for not liking it is kinda unreasonable. That's how JJ Abrams fanboys in the other section act, I thought we were more tolerant of minority opinions in here?
I think everyone is very tolerant of GhostBones' opinions. It's his attitude that people find grating. I guess that's something we could all learn from.
I really think GhostBones misses The & Sci to argue with.

Some legendary 3 ways those.
Rimmer, on what period of history to live in-
“Well, It’d be the 19th century for me, one of Napoleon’s marshals.
The chance to march across Europe with the greatest general of all time and kill Belgians” - (White Hole).
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