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Say goodbye to the police box...

Moffat has decided to drastically alter the classic look of the TARDIS.

In a surprising development, it has been announced that the TARDIS exterior as we know it will be dramatically changed in time for the 50th anniversary.

And the reason for the change? The production team claim that the classic blue box just isn’t “street enough” any more, with audiences finding it old fashioned.

Steven Moffat said: “My goal for the 50th anniversary is to attract a whole new generation of fans. It’s time to look forward, not back. The old look just doesn’t cut it any more, quite frankly. Who uses police boxes now anyway! It’s something that has been a part of the show for far too long and it’s time to shake things up.

“Many casual viewers have been put off the show and want to see something hipper, cooler and sexier. That’s what we’ll deliver and what better time than the 50th year!”
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Moffat has gone too far this time!
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