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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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I prefer it this way. Bullshit cliffhanger endings need to hit the road. A good show knows you'll be back without having to force the issue or make you wait. (Or in worse cases, get cancelled with no resolution. I hate that.)
Agree 100%. the way the show ended could have even doubled for a series end, Woodbury moved into the prison and the Governor hit the road defeated, never to be heard from again? It could go either way.

As far as the Carl discussion goes, the writers/director/actors did a fantastic job of making you see both sides of what happened, a great water cooler moment.

I think Carl did the right thing, the kid was acting quirky, like he could have just as easily tried to shoot at them, Have we all forgotten how Randall got into Carl's head, I'll bet Carl didn't.
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