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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

About Carl's "shoot"... Fairly cold blooded but the kid was told to "drop" the shotgun and he did not. Carl's defense argument held up pretty well, I thought. Not for our world, but for theirs.

If the Governor is really that stupid, his community was on borrowed time. He sends his whole force into the confined and unfamiliar tombs and leaves no rear guard? Sitting around drinking tea in Woodbury and bullying prisoners didn't do much to hone his tactical skills, I guess.

Andrea was wishy-washy and discounted the potential threats she saw. Carl was decisive and un-reflective. The "civilized" town people were out-fought by the smaller "savage" band. It sure seems like the nomadic hunter culture is where it's at in the new world. It will be interesting to see how Rick's new-found democratic tendencies work in their situation.

What happened to the .50 caliber? That is a game-changing weapon, securing it should have been a high priority for Rick and co.

A nitpick, small but it really bugged me: The "tink" sound of a cartridge case sound effect at the end of Andrea's last shot, from Rick's Colt. I guess that is just a standard part of some gunshot sound effects and no one gives it another thought?

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