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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

A post-credits scene has been announced, and it's intended to set up the spin-off movie "Girl of Steel"!

According to Variety, Superman's cousin Kara Zor-El (aka Supergirl) will make a post-credits cameo appearance at the end of "Man of Steel", forshadowing the announcement of a new Supergirl movie which will tie into the same universe.

Allegedly set to go into production later this year, the Supergirl movie, tentatively titled "Girl of Steel" will be an origin story for the lost daughter of Krypton, finishing up with her appearance on Earth as seen in the sequence set to be included at the end of "Man of Steel".

"Girl of Steel" will reportedly see Kara start out as a teenager on Krypton, who decides to appear in films of a salacious nature to alleviate her boredom. Zor-El, her father, finds out about her raunchy exploitations and decides to ground his daughter by sending her temporarily into the Phantom Zone. It is during this period that Krypton is destroyed, and Kara, alone in the Phantom Zone with just her trusty robotic-cat Streaky for company, must find her way out of the ghostly prison or be lost forever.
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