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Episode of the Week: 2x10 "The Dauphin"

"The Dauphin"

Dah-fin... daw-fin. Day-you-fin.... Day-up-hin. I don't know. Let me see here...

dau·phin [daw-fin; French doh-fan]
noun, plural dau·phins [-finz; French -fan]
- the eldest son of a king of France, used as a title from 1349 to 1830.
Oh! It means the eldest son of the king of France. Wait..... does that mean Salia was actually a french boy? Hehe. Will's first onscreen kiss was with a french boy in disguise as a girl! I guess that will make some fans happy.

It's funny how an episode like "The Measure Of A Man" could leave such a long lasting effect on the character of Data throughout the series yet be immediately followed up with an episode that.... well, was designed to have absolutely zero lasting impact. It's one of those typical love story episodes that tries to imply it's going somewhere, but ends up having the two love birds departing on their own because of some greater purpose, tragic loss, temporal distortion, ect. We've gotten that a lot in Star Trek in general and we will continue to get it in the following series. Heck, Deep Space Nine has probably the worst case of this trope imaginable and that's my favorite series.

But what we do get is a real treat in the form of Anya, a really strange shapeshifting creature who's job is to comfort and protect Salia. To say that she was a bit over protective of Salia is a gross understatement as the sight of a sick person provokes her into insisting that the patient be killed. And when Pulaski refuses, she turns into a monster and starts fighting with Worf.... in freaking Sick Bay. Where were these species during the Dominion War?

I honestly don't know why that sickbay fight scene exists, but if I had to venture a guess, it probably had to do with some kind of mandate by the studio to include an action scene of the crew fighting a monster. Except that this is a monster that's supposed to be cooperating with the crew in safely transporting Salia to her destination. You're not going to make things go any smoother if you demand people be executed in an area that can be quarantined and picking fights with the ship's tactical officer.

Conclusion: Not a terrible episode, it's just completely pointless. The only people who I can see liking this episode are Wesley fans. Yes, Will Wheaton gets his first screen kiss, but who cares? We never see or hear from Salia or Anya again and Wesley will have a brand new girlfriend later on in the series that will also go no where. Also, does Starfleet allow crew members to make loud and intrusive noises on the bridge?


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