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Galileo Restoration Update - March 2013

Galileo restoration continues very strongly. We have a great team at Master Shipwrights and they are working six days a week.

Most of the woodwork is complete. It's looking great and we continue to work on paint colors, lettering sizes, that sort of thing.

The metal nacelles have been reattached and are being restored... they were damaged over the years, when moved (probably by forklift) and need a bit of structural reinforcement. We're also installing a "pick point" so that they can be moved easily and without damaging them when done.

Lots of great work here. She's looking really, really good.

There's no exact timing but she should be done - that's right done! - in about a month, give or take. More to come on that!

Adam Schneider

Some pictures:

Fitting the rear:

Side rails (and why we can't use the old):

The roof line:

Yet another color match:

We have nacelles!

Working the rear impulse deck plexi:

Screen match!

Rear view, starboard with nacelle:

Strenghening the nacelle:

Rear view, port with nacelle:

Enjoy and appreciate all comments.

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