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Re: Into Darkness ties to Star Trek XIII?

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I know, using a brand name to make lots of $€
Do you really want it to just die and there be no more "Star Trek"? It looked pretty ragged after "Nemesis" and "These Are the Voyages".

I once read an interview with Gene Roddenberry where he speculated that "Star Trek" would undoubtedly continue beyond his lifespan and that it had become "modern mythology", and that he had to come to be proud of the fact that it would inevitably be recast, rejigged and revamped for new audiences and new technologies.

Then the writers have to find a way to incorporate the backstory without making it too dominant. Some backstory can be explained in a line or two, just like they did in TWOK.
And they do! But if your audience is convinced that they need to know 50 years of back history, no amount of clever writing will get their bums on seats.

But people here seem to think that using the already existing backstory would confuse the audience.
Have you visited this board's TrekLit section? Every fifth question to the board is "do I have to see/read that in order to enjoy this?"

Some things can be explained on screen in a matter of seconds while providing cohesion within the Trekverse. And it would probably motivate the audience to dive deeper into the franchise.
And they did. CBS reported that sales of all ST boxed sets of ST DVDs went measurably up for several months following the release of JJ's movie in 2009. Even though it was set in a new timeline, sales for the old stuff improved as new fans went off to find out about what they'd missed out on seeing before.
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