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Re: I'm getting a motorcycle.

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Warriors Watch: I'm part of an organization called The Warriors' Watch Riders. We're a group of military veterans and civilian patriots who seek to honor our returning service members. We do so by meeting them at the airport or at a restaurant while they're having dinner with their totally-in-on-it family and surprising them with a welcome home motorcycle escort. Nearly all of the members ride, but there are a few of us who don't who drive our cages in the processions. I'm usually piloting my dad's lifted Jeep Wrangler and running interference for any impatient cagers who may disrupt the procession, and I help make a spectacle of the whole thing with the siren mounted on the Jeep. That part is fun and all...but not quite like being up with the guys at the front on the bikes. I'm with the Warriors' Watch Riders and I'd like to actually be...a rider!
This is actually a very cool thing and I applaud you for it, Flux. I don't give two shits about you getting a motorcycle or not, but our returning and outgoing soldiers deserve all the respect in the world and they just don't get enough of it. Honoring the troops when they come home or get sent off to be deployed is a great thing and shows a lot of character on your part and I do respect you for that.

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