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Re: The Dashcam Chronicles

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That's another thing I'm going to be more conscious of: the things I say when these incidents happen. I know I should watch the language...I mean my mother does see these after all and there are far more clever and witty ways to express my displeasure.
And I'm sure all the "bitches" out there are so relieved to hear this. Good on you, Flux!

I may just cut audio out altogether and either dub in commentary after or just leave it mute to then also avoid the music issue. I realize not everyone appreciates The Used or Sevendust. We'll see.
You might well achieve the impossible if you go that route and make these videos even more boring.

And if I do use my horn, at least it sounds good and not like a tortured sheep.
...which, as we all know, makes all the difference. Thank goodness in this epic struggle you have that last ace up your sleeve!
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