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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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The penultimate episode would've been a much better season-ender, IMO. This episode was anticlimactic by comparison, and probably would been okay as a mid-season finale.
they did not have to "go big" with action in the finale, as in the season 2 finale. Andrea's death as the coda to the the conflict she tried to stop was a somber series of scenes.

Watching Andrea's last frame again, it was sad as it appeared she moved closer to Michonne--as if to seek comfort, before cutting to the men in the hall, listening.

Some are wondering if the final shot of the cross/grave marker meant Andrea was laid to rest? Or did it mark the chance to hope again? Both?

Not sure if the governor can make a comeback--how? Two-three cohorts who will always look over their shoulders.
I'm glad you mentioned this. Yes, the Governor is not finished. How he returns is up for debate, but the unfortunate possibilities just seem to be on the way:

1. He will return alone, and finally make some of season three's incorrect predictions come true, meaning Hershel, Beth & Judith could die anytime before the mid season finale.

2. Rick's gang will face new enemies, so it is possible for the Governor to meet this person (or group), lie his ass off about what really happened, and set the stage for another attack. This attack alos leads to the death(s) of several Rick gang members.

Either way, he will not last all of season 4, but being the Jim Jones / doomsday psychopath that he is, I see him going out with a gruesome, tragic bang, reminding the audience that....Andrea, yes Andrea may have been--dare I say it--correct in fighting for peace so often.
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