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Re: teacake does Farscape: Spoiler Free first time viewing

Remember people, I'm wanting to be Spoiler Free...

Nerve: Bloody hell, that escalated quickly

I was sitting there making up snide commentary about Crichton's accent when suddenly it's all torturing and burning people and pathetic but sad blondes and screaming and secret messages left by the ancients buried in Chrichton's head.

Peacekeeper life seems pretty fucking horrible. When Javio the higher up Peacekeeper tries to woo Chiara away from what he thinks is her covert ops master he says, "this is much more civilized".. about this complete shithole of an outpost. Now I am sure there are Peacekeepers living the high life somewhere but it seems that for most of them eating regularly and having a bar to hang out in at night is pretty damn great. And then there's relationships.. Aeryn was feeling the pang when the peacekeeper in the previous episode hit on her and the blonde is seemingly head turned over Chrichton just because he has been nice to her in the past. Not much of a life.

This is interesting hair, I love that dip in the middle:


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