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Re: Into Darkness ties to Star Trek XIII?

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Same reason people keep publishing new versions of "Snow White", "Goldilocks", "Cinderella"...
I know, using a brand name to make lots of $

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But if the audience's perception is that they need to know that "rich backstory" to enjoy the movie, you get people avoiding it altogether.
Then the writers have to find a way to incorporate the backstory without making it too dominant. Some backstory can be explained in a line or two, just like they did in TWOK.

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Even the very first ST product, "The Cage", had a backstory. Pike's reminiscences of Mojave, his horse, Spock's limp, a dead male yeoman, a battle with a Kalar warrior...
Exactly. Every movie HAS to have some kind of backstory. But people here seem to think that using the already existing backstory would confuse the audience. On the contrary, I say. Some things can be explained on screen in a matter of seconds while providing cohesion within the Trekverse. And it would probably motivate the audience to dive deeper into the franchise. Meaning even more $ for the studio.

I think that Marvel did a great job in cross-connecting their latest movies. I know lots of people who went to see one movie just because it was hinted at in another movie and because it's all set in the same universe.
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