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Re: The Dashcam Chronicles

That's another thing I'm going to be more conscious of: the things I say when these incidents happen. I know I should watch the language...I mean my mother does see these after all and there are far more clever and witty ways to express my displeasure. I may just cut audio out altogether and either dub in commentary after or just leave it mute to then also avoid the music issue. I realize not everyone appreciates The Used or Sevendust. We'll see.

As for the other guy's videos..yeah, there do appear to be quite a few instances where he could have avoided a situation but chose not to, either in order to make for a better video clip or just out of aggression. I can see where that might come across in some of my clips and will try to chill out on that front (although I still remain that I was not at all in the wrong in that Mazda van clip, but I digress...) and let the dumb people come to me and not try to manufacture an incident.

And if I do use my horn, at least it sounds good and not like a tortured sheep.
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