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As I understand it, it's generally not down to governments to deal directly with disciplining military officers, it's down to the military and it's courts.
Was Shepard's commission ever reactivated after her death? I know you could regain SpecTRe status, but I don't recall being given your rank back in ME2.

If it wasn't, arguably she should have been tried in civilian courts for any post-Lazarus actions, not military.
I must admit I know naff-all about military law, but I'm pretty sure if a soldier turns up alive after being declared missing, presumed KIA, they're not magically considered to be civilians. Even if that weren't the case, why would Parliament be a good place to hold a civil trial? Most likely they'd be sent to a civil court, which tend to be where a lot of people are. So it's either Earth, or one of the major colonies.

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There were many things wrong with Mass Effect 3 - the biggest one of them being that the writers chose to abandon the storyline set out by the lead architect of this series.
Yeah, if the really was the original plan (though to be fair I've yet so see a credible source for it) then they were right to ditch it. It's way too esoteric and makes no sense. In that scenario, all the reapers had to do was mine out all the eezo every few hundred million years so the younger races couldn't get to it and not build the relay network. You don't need to juice a whole species just to do that.

While the execution of the ending leaves a lot to be desired, and the function of the crucible is hilariously nonsensical, I've never had a problem with the basic premise.

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Another thing wrong - and which ties into an issue raised above - the writers chose to have the Reapers focus their attack on a single planet, when I, the player, know from playing ME and having been told the tragedy of the fall of the Prothean Empire from several sources that the capture of the Citadel was a cornerstone of Reaper strategy and tactics.
They have to actually GET to the Citadel and its probably not a good idea to tie up all of their forces attacking one point since they don't exactly have to element of surprise anymore. Besides they didn't just attack one planet, they started in Batarian space then moved on to the Alliance, then hit Palaven, and latter hit Thesia, before taking the Citadel when they found out it was part of a super weapons that could kill them and thus important again.
Yeah, I don't know what game throwback was playing but I was running into the reapers all over the sodding galaxy. If they'd all have been sitting on chomping on human paste, then the game would have been much shorter!

As for why they waited to long to hit the Citadel, I think it's pretty obvious, no? Usually what they do is use it's function as a giant mass relay to jump their entire fleet in at once. With the element of surprise and the benefit of being at the hub of the network they're able to decapitate any galactic leadership and deploy their ships quickly to almost anywhere in the galaxy. Even so, it took them *centuries* to finally finish off the Prothean Empire.

This time around things are different. The Protheans from Ilos sabotaged the keepers so the relay function could no longer be activated remotely, forcing Sovereign to eventually make a desperate move and try to switch it on manually. When it failed, any chance of a surprise attack was lost and the citadel lost most of it's tactical value.

Remember, that no matter what, the Reapers know that on mass, they can steam-roll anything the younger races throw at them. They're less concerned with defeat than they are with efficiency. Also remember that in this cycle, at the 11th hour they switched their focus from the council races to humanity as their favourite choice for reaper dreadnought-hood (one assumes the Asari or Turians had previously been the prime candidates.) So going pretty much straight for the largest concentration of humans in the galaxy makes perfect sense, since that's really all they're after. As they see it, eliminating the rest of the galaxy's population is just a clean-up exercise. The work of a few mere centuries. They always planned to get around to the citadel eventually, and fix whatever the Protheans broke so the next cycle goes more smoothly, but it's not an immediate priority.

Also keep in mind that the collective reaper intelligence is not omniscient. It didn't know the crucible plans had survived into this cycle, nor did it know that the citadel itself were a part of them. At least not until TIM cracked the security of that Prothean VI and then they knew everything he did and acted accordingly.

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Indeed. And yet when we went to Thessia - and spent more time there than on Earth - we didn't see a single non-asari except the Reaper and Cerberus attackers. But I don't see anybody calling Thessia an "asari-only" planet.
The Asari also have Illium, a world recognized as an Asari world that features a boat load of other species who are shown to be alongside their Asari family. Not much on the human side since the only alien we ever see on a human colony is Veetor who was only there to help.
IIRC there was an Salarian trader on Feros too. More pertinently, I think the planet descriptions of some of the Asari mention dominant populations of bond-mate species.
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