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Re: Into Darkness ties to Star Trek XIII?

Oso Blanco wrote: View Post
What's the point in using the name "Star Trek" and the names of the original characters if you ignore everything that came before?
Same reason people keep publishing new versions of "Snow White", "Goldilocks", "Cinderella"...

Star Trek has such a rich backstory that it would be plain stupid not to make use of it.
But if the audience's perception is that they need to know that "rich backstory" to enjoy the movie, you get people avoiding it altogether.

By that logic you would have to drop all Star Trek references whatsoever and make it a standalone movie with no backstory at all.
Even the very first ST product, "The Cage", had a backstory. Pike's reminiscences of Mojave, his horse, Spock's limp, a dead male yeoman, a battle with a Kalar warrior...
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