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Re: The Dashcam Chronicles

I didn't quite make it all the way through that guy's video. Too long for what it is. I'd say there's a happy medium where you're not posting just single clips, but it's nowhere near 15 minutes either.

There was one clip in there that I did laugh. When the dude in front of him at a red light just starts backing up.

The one where he captioned WTF WTF WTF WTF at the car stopped at the green light... seemed pretty obvious... there was a bag lady in the intersection and he apparently decided to let her cross in front. Though she was just camping out at the median waiting her opportunity I think.

Having watched a good chunk of that guy's video, and a few of yours... this is what I got for constructive criticism:

Most of the clips just aren't interesting enough. For it to be interesting you need gems of clips that depict events that don't happen to every single one of us every single day. I mean c'mon... how many 'old man turns onto my lane in front of me and doesn't accelerate quickly while I wait till I've closed the gap to his car before I decelerate at all to emphasize just how much he's inconvenienced me!' can you watch? Well I didn't count but I'm surely at my limit.

The other major problem I have with these clips is I'm stuck listening to someone's shitty music, followed by them honking, and maybe throwing out an expletive. The expletives are really the only thing in there with entertainment potential IMO. You need some quality wit and have funny reactions to shit you're seeing. Barring that, maybe reviewing the drivers, recording your audio after the fact... channel AVGN or something.

Of course, the dashcam stuff out of Russia depicts far crazier driving, so if I ever decide that I just need to sit down and watch dashcam footage, it'd probably be that.
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