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Re: How does the Joystick Pad works?

A classic joystick can only control two axes, while a spacecraft operates on six, that's the big problem. Having one work as a "multi-throttle" will give you two axes of translation - say, fore-aft and up-down but not left-right. So you will have to cover left-right with the other stick by rolling like an aeroplane and then yawing, and so you can't do left-right at a standstill, only in forward (or aft) motion. Clumsy in tight spots, such as shuttlebays...

For three axes, you need a z-axis-twisting joystick, i.e. something like those balls. But why not add translation there, too, and do away with the second stick? Twist for angle, push/pull for thrust.

Timo Saloniemi
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