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Re: The Dashcam Chronicles

Well, if you guys aren't fans of my videos you'll pretty much hate this guy's channel. Not only are his videos about 10-15 minutes long on average comprised of short clips, he's on the horn in just about every situation, most of the time unnecessarily. What makes matters worse is one of his cars has a horn that sounds like a dying mountain goat. I agree with the idea of what he's doing, obviously, but he goes a bit overboard with the horn and some of the incidents don't require it.

I'm not saying that you'll like mine after seeing his, but it is an example of how there's far worse out there on the ol' Tube. I'll be limiting mine to the most egregious violations or just funny/weird stuff I come across. I admit clips of me coming across ridiculously slow drivers probably doesn't amount to the most entertaining channel. I passed a car today that had an entire (and gigantic) tumbleweed lodged under its front bumper, and they were just driving along like everything was cool. They were just outside of my camera's range or I'd have posted it.
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