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Confession: Why I am now 7/R

My people.. any of you who have read my posts over the years have known that I was always a devoutly J/7 shipper. Ever since I read a compelling post by Adm_Hawthorne on this ship I've been J/7 all the way, with some C/7 for the sake of laughing at C. But the other day I was watching Nemesis which is my 4th favorite Trek movie right after Insurrection and it hit me..just as obviously 7 doesn't need a mushy newage guy she also doesn't need a maternal captain who will always be helicopter parenting her crew (plural). 7 has spent almost her whole life trapped inside big green boxes being totally unspecial to no one and if she is ever going to discover her individuality she needs to be pampered and respected and adored. And when I saw the way Riker looked at Deanna as though she was a precious piece of chocolate, something to be treasured and not left in the sun too long a light went off in my head and I thought WHY have I been trying to hook 7 up with Harry's daycare provider when what she needs is a good bloke to worship her, a good bloke who is reasonably intelligent, respected and will always be in awe of her fabulousness.

Deanna is an annoying numty that will drive Will batty. He is a good bloke and good blokes like to just DO stuff, they don't like to be constantly talking about how they FEEL about doing stuff. 7 wouldn't give a crap about how Will feels about anything and she certainly isn't going to be trailing along behind him calling him out on every grumbled half heard phrase he utters and trying to catharticize him into some est-like state of eternal pleasantness. Otherwise known as hell.

And Will, he's not stupid. He's going to realize how great 7 is for his career (it makes him famous, instantly) and how great 7 will be in bed once he wakes up all her billions of assimilated sexual experiences and how great 7 will be as a hard working brilliant woman who never begs him to take her dancing or buy her chocolate or to talk about his day. And she comes with NO mother in law!

It's perfect and that is why I am now 7/R. I'll be going over to the TNG forum and sharing my revelation once I've finished my photoshop threadbomb montage.

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