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Re: Game of Thrones 3.1 - "Valar Dohaeris" - Rate and discuss

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I tried GoT but it did nothing for me. Its too busy,,,there are way too many characters, way too many plotlines, scenes are so hurried in order to service the ten thousand threads. I can appreciate developing a large expansive cast but this is ridiculous. I guess tv writers suffer from ADD but it makes for a very unsatisfying viewing experience.
Now who suffers from ADD? Just kidding. Yeah, it can be daunting.

I rated the episode 'Above Average', but very close to 'Excellent'.

It may not seem like it, but the pacing was FAR superior compared to the season 2 opener. They really dig give each scene time to breathe, and they avoided showing every character.

Favourite moments:
- Giant!
- The Tyrion/Cersei and Tyrion/Tywin scenes
- Kraznys(?), the slave trader... Great job of making him an unlike-able jerk. And an amusing one. Loved the mis-translations.
- Barristan Selmy!
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