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Re: TOS: Devil's Bargain by Tony Daniel Review Thread (Spoilers!)

I noticed more than a few in-jokes. (One of the more subtle ones was Kirk's reference to Canadians, given that Shatner is Canadian.) On the one hand, I found them riotously funny, but on the other hand, they do throw one out of the story, even if only momentarily.

Granted that Diane Duane's works do require a shoehorn, a large mallet, and copious amounts of axle grease to fit them into modern continuity. But on the other hand, I find them to be among the very best ST prose ever written, and Naraht has shown up in other authors' novels.

One thing about Naraht: when I looked him up on Memory Beta, I found given names attached to him that I never saw before. Whence came they?
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