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Was Shepard's commission ever reactivated after her death? I know you could regain SpecTRe status, but I don't recall being given your rank back in ME2.

If it wasn't, arguably she should have been tried in civilian courts for any post-Lazarus actions, not military.
Shep is consistently referred to - including by Admiral Hackett - as Commander Shepard throughout ME2, not Mr/Ms Shepard. Plus there's that email with some Alliance brass wanting to arrest Shep as a possible traitor to the Alliance (something along those lines, or maybe for questioning) and Hackett responds with a flat "Request Denied." Obviously the Alliance military still considered Shep to be under their authority.

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The Asari also have Illium, a world recognized as an Asari world that features a boat load of other species who are shown to be alongside their Asari family. Not much on the human side since the only alien we ever see on a human colony is Veetor who was only there to help.
So are you saying Thessia is really an asari-only world, but its okay because Ilium is shown to be more diverse? Or bemoaning the fact that the only human colonies we see aren't as diverse as Ilium - despite the fact that all the human colonies we spend time on are nowhere near Ilium's riches and influence (akin to comparing New York City with Fargo, North Dakota)? The point remains that what we see of Earth and what we see of Thessia are equally non-diverse, so you can either draw conclusions, or assume that the particular settings we saw were the reason for it.

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...You're giving ME3 way too much credit. Admiral Hackett, while voiced by the awesome Lance Henrickson, doesn't know his a%# from a dry ice mine. He says he stakes his life on Shepard's warnings that the Reapers are coming and his idea of getting ready for it.... is to leave a sizable fleet, Anderson and Shepard at Earth and hope for the best. And when the Crucible comes into play, he continually states that he doesn't know what it does or what the catalyst is, yet he also openly states the Crucible is the only means of defeating the Reapers and somehow knows when it's "ready". His reasoning for using a weapon which he has no idea what it will do?


Yeah, Admiral Hackett is a real thinker.
What else would you have Hackett - a military admiral, not a scientist - do than command the fleets and encourage the research into the Prothean Archive on Mars (remember - it was his idea to divert Shepard there and Hackett who was pushing Liara to help out)?

The Crucible is obviously a desperation weapon - notice that Liara and Shepard and Anderson and... well, everybody else never does more than speculate about whether this is a good idea. The comparison to nuclear bombs was obviously a metaphor; so it's not a perfect metaphor, maybe he just doesn't know the exact details of the Manhattan Project. Not the biggest deal, I'm sure there's high-ranking military commanders that couldn't tell you the exact details of it even today - and might even have that same mistaken story. The point is, the metaphor works - Hackett will risk a weapon with unknown consequences to stop the Reapers. I don't see how this makes "Don't put Shepard in the same place as the nerve center of the Alliance" any more unlikely of a thought process.
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