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Re: Paramount's Brad Grey Wants to Build a TV Studio

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CBS Television is believed to always have the right to produce a new television series, but reportedly stayed away from the franchise so as not to interfere with the film efforts now headed by director J.J. Abrams. Sources inside CBS Television have always implied that any new series would have to get the blessing of Paramount, which wasn't exactly forthcoming, creating even more confusion over who would have the right to produce a television series.

But one observer told Airlock Alpha Friday that the rights to create a new series would actually lie with Paramount. CBS Television did retain rights to already-produced episodes of Star Trek over its long run on television, but do not necessarily have clear rights to producing new episodes. Those rights belong to Paramount, and if Paramount is looking to get back into television, it's almost a given that one of the franchises on its slate is Star Trek.
According to The Wrap, it could take Paramount five years to get its television production arm up and running. Paramount is treating the television side as a startup, and it will obviously look for quick hits that can help develop it into the power that it once was before becoming CBS Television.
Is Paramount Preparing For New Star Trek Series?

Let's hope that this happens, so that Star Trek can return to the medium it works best on-TV.
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