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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Excellent episode, not the outcome I was expecting at all but I liked it. Bittersweet end for Andrea; for all the shit I've given her for not being like her comic counterpart, I liked her in the last couple episodes.

Carl's turning into a mini-Shane; Hershel was definitely right about that scene, and there's no way I'd trust Carl's reading of the situation over Hershel's anyway. And it's so weird after his last focus episode saw him opening up and bonding with Michonne a bit. Still, hopefully Rick's decision at the end (and notice - if Rick had followed Carl's "standard" with the woman hiding in the truck, they would never have found out about either what the Governor did Andrea's escape attempt, plus they would never have gotten Tyrese and Sasha plus the rest of the regular Woodburians) will start to turn him around.

That was overall a far more positive ending than I expected, and I'm looking forward to it being back in the fall.
It will be interesting to see how Carl interacts with Woodbury's refuge children, who for the most part have remained children & not execution machines like he's become. Will it maybe help him at least regain some of his humanity if not his innocence? Interesting turn of luck for Rick as a dad, perhaps

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While Andrea seems to have been "stupid" for her loyalty to Woodbury, Tyrese & his sister seem to have come to their conclusion in a timely, logical manner.
Absolutely. These are the kind of decision making moral people you want to see. I absolutely love these two new characters

I actually think I might be at the 1st point where I'm glad all the characters that are around are there
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