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Re: Was Sisko a Javert

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I was under the impression that Sisko destroyed the biosphere, rendering the planet uninhabitable. He didn't introduce anything directly lethal to the colonists.

Also, they have a bit more resources than 'we' do, and finally, N.O. could have been evacuated with the proper application of resources.
He released trilitium resin into the atmosphere. It's a waste product produced by warp engines. In Starship Mine the bad guys tried to steal some from the E-D, and it was commented more than once they had to be careful with it or they would "be dead before they know it" and tampering with the container blew up the terrorist chick's ship. It's also the same crap that was in those uber warheads Janeway used to destroy the Caretaker's array. That stuff's lethal.
Slight nitpick: Janeway used tricobalt devices to destroy the Caretaker's array.
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