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Re: Captain Kirk, Authority and the 1960s

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I'm not sure the zeitgeist had that much to do with it. Youth has been rebelling against authority since before the time of Socrates.
True. Where the '60s zeitgeist intrudes most obviously is in "The Way to Eden," and Kirk is on the side of the establishment in that one. Also, he rejected the drug culture in "This Side of Paradise." He was right both times if you ask me.
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I think Kirk was in a moderate position in The Way to Eden, he was in authority, but he didn't seem to want to be oppressive. Chekov was the super rigid authority guy in attitudes. Scotty was almost but he didn't have as many lines.

And I agree, I think Kirk was right both times.
The thing is, the hippies of 2268 in 'The Way To Eden' were full of shit anyway, and would have been rejected by the real hippies of the 1960's that they were based on. Why do I say this?

Well, I say this because the hippies were rebelling against things that were really bad in the 1960's-the Vietnam War and the Cold War being the primary things (as well as the military industrial complex of the USA, and other societal ills.) The Federation and the United Earth Republic isn't anything like the USA of the 1960's, and the conflict with the Klingons and the Romulans isn't anything like the conflict with the USSR and the PRC on Earth in the 1960's, either (the Soviets never wanted to conquer anybody world-wide, just make sure that their borders were secure against invasion; Stalin for one trembled at the thought of ever picking a fight with the USA and the other NATO nations, unlike the Romulans and the Klingons.) To a hippie of the 1960's the Federation and the future Earth would be a paradise, enough for said hippie to be dismissive of Severin and his group. In fact, in the original draft of the episode (named 'Joanna') Severin and Co. can't even fend for themselves properly on Eden until Kirk shows them how to do so. Kirk being a moderate? More like Severin was full of it.
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