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Re: Why my friend doesn't like DS9: Sisko.

A question for you Edit_XYZ, the suicide pills you believe all command personnel should have when in battle with the Borg, when should they use them? When the Borg take down the shields? When the Borg catch up with the ship running at maximum warp? Should Starfleet even try to mount a defense?

Look at it, Starfleet can't stop the Borg which means the Borg are going to be able to take who or what they want from any ship, so why try?

The command crew is always going to be vulnerable to abduction by the Borg and since the Borg can adapt to phasers quickly, and there are far more Borg on a Cube than personnel on any Starfleet ship, so they can just keep sending Borg until they capture someone. Or should Starfleet send ships with Cadets to fight so no codes, advanced battle tactics, expieience, or anything else can be learned?
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