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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Yeah, well if good intentions were equatable to intellect Andrea could've found herself out of that position numerous times. Ultimately, she still chose to blindly trust a stranger with a walker in the closet, rather than trust the instincts of someone who saved her, cared about her, looked out for her, & probably taught her a great deal for nearly a year.

Wanting to save people's lives or keep people from dying had less to do with that decision than her wanting to have a "Normal" life again. Make no mistake, it's not just because she was trying to save people, it's also because she"Turned her back on a friend for a warm bed". That line of Michonne's may have been a bit over simplified, but at its core it is true
Agreed. In the end, she belongs in the Idiots' Hall of Shame, for her bullheaded nature and reckless desire to find something that no longer existed in that world ("regular" life). Having posted that, for a person who never enjoyed her character, the result is bittersweet, only because it took three seasons (and over a year in-series) for Andrea to learn a lesson everyone else was hipped to in season one.
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