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Re: Race + Comics: On Green Lanternís Near-Death Experience

Personally, I think it wouldn't work. Twice in (somewhat) recent history, they put John on the Justice League, first around 2001 and then around 2008. Both times he was filling in for another Lantern (first Kyle, then Hal). The problem with putting him in the Justice League is that it does very little to further his characterization and, as I said, he often comes off as a "substitute." He really needs his own title and a good direction for his character to go in.

The John of the past 10-12 years has been an attempt to tack on his DCAU characterization onto his 40 years of characterization, in which, it seems he gets a new personality every decade or so.

I truly believe the mark of a good character is that you can sum them up in one, short sentence. Hal is the brash test pilot. Kyle is the sensitive torchbearer. Guy is the lovable jerk. John is the angry black guy from Detroit, who sought social justice, fell in love with an alien, went public, became a widower, killed a planet, sunk into depression over that, fought racism on Oa, became a Darkstar, got crippled, got healed, nope he's still crippled, nope he inadvertently killed his younger sister, now he's healed and filling in for Kyle, now he's Hal's little seen partner, now he's filling in for Hal, now he's still dealing with Katma's death and being a planet killer, now he's killing Mogo, now he's killing a fellow GL...
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