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Re: Janeway Delta Quadrant BUN

Luv, i guess i didnt mention.. I am rewatching Voyager. I just now started Season 3.

My biggest gripe is that.. After TNG redefined everything.. DS9 then took it to a whole new level, Voyager takes like 10 steps back! Its like they didnt learn ANY of the lessons of the previous two series..

So I am going to stick it out.. I want to see which voyager episodes I missed and if the writing gets better (hopefully wont be much worse)..


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I loved the "Bun of Steel".
Haha Kate herself called it that many a time. I like the bun only because it was hot when the bun came down. I agree with Teacake...Season 4 hair was awesome.

@StarTrekSlut... not sure what to say about your posts except that I don't really like the idea of someone ONLY posting in a forum in which they are CLEARLY not fond of the series. I mean, not to sound stalkerish or anything, but your post history indicates that you have ONLY posted in the Voyager forum (aren't you a TNG/TOS/ or DS9 fan?), but all you have posted are complaints about the series and in particular about the characters' hairstyles. Ok, we all know that they didn't look perfect and that not every single decision she made was awesome. What series ever had a captain who was not flawed in some way?

If you have such a problem with how the show was made or how peoples' hair looked in it (which seems in and of itself a silly reason for disliking or liking a series and/or character and you seem to have some kind of preoccupation with it), why continually post in the Voyager section?

I think everyone has a right to have an opinion and I am FULLY aware that Voyager has its flaws. I love the show, but I am far from thinking that its perfect. But even if I didn't like one of the series...I would never deliberately go into... let's say the Enterprise section and start bashing the hell out of it just because it's not my favorite Star Trek series.

I mean I am sure you are probably a funny and cool person in real life and I am not saying I dislike you...but why rant only in the Voyager section when you clearly dislike the show? Am I missing something? I am just confused.
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