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Heck, if you actually read the codex entries, Earth is hardly the center point of the Alliance. It was Arcturus Station that held the high ranked leaders and was the center of the Alliance military.... Which begs the question as to why Shepard was sent to Earth instead of the station where the Alliance leaders and parliament resided.
As I understand it, it's generally not down to governments to deal directly with disciplining military officers, it's down to the military and it's courts.

Plus, as we saw in the game, Vancouver wasn't necessarily *the* headquarters for the Alliance military, but one of several important facilities as there's also mention made of the UK based headquarters. The facility in Vancouver could just have been where Hackett sent the Normandy for refit and intentionally made sure Shepard was imprisoned nearby.

Plus Sol is where the Mars Archive is, so it makes sense for the Alliance to have bases next door to probably one of the few remaining (if not the only remaining) intact Prothean installations in existence.

Sure, it may have made a little more sense if the prologue took place on Arcturus...but they started ME2 with you escaping from a burning ship and waking up in a space station. Starting ME3 with you escaping a burning space station might have been a little too similar.
Plus its easier to get to the archive which starts the search for building the Crucible from Earth, and seeing as Lair of the Shadow Broker hinted at the Protheans having one last ace in the hole to use against the Reapers it makes sense that they would have information on it at the one Prothean place mentioned in the game series.

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There were many things wrong with Mass Effect 3 - the biggest one of them being that the writers chose to abandon the storyline set out by the lead architect of this series.
Yeah I'm not to broken up about the Reapers are really the good guys who heroically slaughter organic civilizations to solve the dark matter problem which they have been contributing to by having civilizations make use of the technology that causes the problem storyline, or that the big choice at the end is let billions die in the hope the Reapers will suddenly figure out a problem thats eluded them for eons or try to figure it out after only just becoming aware of the problem with a definite solution and salvation of the galaxy and all life in it being left unresolved.

Another thing wrong - and which ties into an issue raised above - the writers chose to have the Reapers focus their attack on a single planet, when I, the player, know from playing ME and having been told the tragedy of the fall of the Prothean Empire from several sources that the capture of the Citadel was a cornerstone of Reaper strategy and tactics.
They have to actually GET to the Citadel and its probably not a good idea to tie up all of their forces attacking one point since they don't exactly have to element of surprise anymore. Besides they didn't just attack one planet, they started in Batarian space then moved on to the Alliance, then hit Palaven, and latter hit Thesia, before taking the Citadel when they found out it was part of a super weapons that could kill them and thus important again.
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