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Re: Spock and T'Pring?

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Suppose T'Pring's plan had backfired and Spock had moved to the suburbs with her after winning the kal-if-fee. What does this couple's body language tell us about their future together?

It looks like he's trying to connect with her, but she's giving him the Vulcan finger, and he rolls his eyes. They're not off to a great start here.
She's thinking, "As soon as you're asleep, I'm going to slit your throat with my miniature saw blade-shaped ring..."

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Edit: now that I think of it, 1970s fan fiction was reputed to have a lot of sex in it, so maybe people haven't changed so much as TV has...
It can, and frequently does, have a lot of sex in it. But I certainly haven't run across much where Spock ended up with T'Pring.
This was covered quite nicely at the end of AT, when Spock questions T'Pring about her motives, and after she answers him, he praises her logic in choosing Kirk as her combatant. Her only mistake, was not accounting for human duplicity in the form of McCoy. T'Pring KNEW that Spock was really 'married' to his Starfleet duty, and that whatever happened, she would still have Stonn.
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