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Re: Paul McGann special year possible?

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Indeed, RTD intended the Time War to have been fought by the Ninth Doctor. In fact he was initially supportive of a storyline planned for DWM's comic strip featuring the Eighth Doctor regenerating into the Ninth, though that fell apart when they couldn't agree on certain details. I believe DWM wanted the Eighth Doctor's comic companions to stay with him after regenerating but RTD insisted that Rose had to be the Ninth Doctor's first companion.
That was exactly it. DWM wanted to pair the ninth Doctor with Destrii for at least one post-regeneration story, but RTD and Julie Gardner said that, no, the ninth Doctor had to appear with Rose because that was the brand. They contemplated a story where the regeneration didn't exactly finalize (the ninth Doctor would have been like the Dormammu), letting them write out Destrii, but then they decided that would be silly.

The Wormhole wrote: View Post
But official BBC material and indeed DWM themselves now suggest the Eighth Doctor's regeneration was something related to the Time War.
It's been argued that RTD himself changed his mind on the question based on the "born in fire" dialogue in "Journey's End."

The eighth Doctor chapter of Tony Lee's The Forgotten appears to be set during the Time War. However, that chapter also has an explanation for the half-human revelation of the television movie that simply doesn't work with what we saw on-screen, so I tend to discount that chapter.
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