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Re: Paul McGann special year possible?

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I always kinda thought the Time War had some event that ended with the death of the 8th doctor and the regeneration into the 9th doctor but there's no real evidence to say this with anything on screen.
Indeed, RTD intended the Time War to have been fought by the Ninth Doctor. In fact he was initially supportive of a storyline planned for DWM's comic strip featuring the Eighth Doctor regenerating into the Ninth, though that fell apart when they couldn't agree on certain details. I believe DWM wanted the Eighth Doctor's comic companions to stay with him after regenerating but RTD insisted that Rose had to be the Ninth Doctor's first companion.

But official BBC material and indeed DWM themselves now suggest the Eighth Doctor's regeneration was something related to the Time War.

Really, though the Time War was RTD's story and he did all he wanted to do with it (unless he actually was serious about the off-hand mention of a "Time War novel" in The Writer's Tale). Moffat has shown no real interest in the Time War since he took over, with only two vague mentions made about it. I doubt the show is revisiting it any time soon.
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