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Re: 7x06 The Bells of St John - review/ discussion

TemporalFlux wrote: View Post
Comments up thread hit on why this episode felt a little "off" to me; this was very much a series one RTD episode. I wonder if the cause is budget. Series one did not have a large budget, and that contributed to its feel as much as RTD did.
I believe that series 1 had a larger budget than series 2. The difference, however, is that the cost of the console room set and TARDIS prop was spread across all 13 episodes of series 1, which was an expense that "The Christmas Invasion" onward didn't have. Series 5 likewise had a console room set and TARDIS prop spread across all 13 episodes. And now series 7 has the cost of another console room to spread across the episodes. (The question would be, is the cost spread across all 14 episodes, or just the last nine? It depends on the point at which the production realized they were going to need to build a new console room because the old one wasn't moveable.)

TemporalFlux wrote: View Post
Doctor Who has been blowing through a good bit of money lately (the most noticeable being the second major TARDIS overhaul since Moffat took over). "The Bells of St. John" was a low budget episode; the question is how many more low budget eps we'll see in order to cover the spending gap.
When Moffat's episodes feel low budget, it's that they seem to function with smaller guest casts. I'm not sure that Moffat's work always works with the smaller casts; the last third of "Let's Kill Hitler" is particularly egregious in that regard. However, that would make sense; pare down the characters and extras in one episode so another episode can have more guest characters and/or background extras.

Modern Star Trek had its "bottle episodes." Doctor Who can't do that -- only one standing set -- but it can do guest-lite episodes. Makes sense.

DalekJim wrote: View Post
Doctor Who from 2006-2009 has aged atrociously.
Largely agreed. RTD's Who was very much of the moment, and its pop culture references haven't aged particular well, like the Anne-droid.
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