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Re: 7x06 The Bells of St John - review/ discussion

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He's alien in the way Jar Jar Binks was alien.
I'm not a Star Wars guy, so I'll assume that's why I'm not making the connection
Jar Jar is a goofy, cartoonish alien who usually gets into wacky situations and succeeds despite nearly getting himself killed in the process purely by accident.

They're similar in the regard that they aren't human, but in every other way are exact opposites. So it's probably the most bizarre and highly inaccurate comparison that anyone could make.

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Okies. My own question from a couple pages back... There's a St John's Ambulance sticker/poster on the front of the TARDIS... Were the "bells" the TARDIS making noise that it was time for the Doctor to get up off his ass?
It was the phone ringing on the Tardis.
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