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didn't join the Trek BBS until just before the end of ENT's run and I wasn't a part of any big Trek sites before then, so I don't know what people said about Travis/Montgomery back when the show was airing. But a lot of people seem to have softened their stance toward ENT in general in recent years, so that's probably a part of it. I know that I didn't really come to truly appreciate the show until I finally watched every episode from beginning to end back in 2011.
People were pissing all over Travis back in 2001-'03, by '04 and '05 I guess no one cared.

Yes I do agree that fans have softened their stance on ENT considerably. Unlike VOY which is generally still thought of as not all that good, ENT tends to get a bit more fan support. Back then a lot of people were just sick and tired of Rick Berman and Brannon Braga and ENT got a lot of the blame for turning the franchise stale.
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