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With the Asari culture that has been open to relationships with members of different races since the first game, even to the point where the species has developed derogative slangs against 'pure bloods', it's much more plausible to believe that there are other races on Thessia than there are aliens on Earth.
Indeed. And yet when we went to Thessia - and spent more time there than on Earth - we didn't see a single non-asari except the Reaper and Cerberus attackers. But I don't see anybody calling Thessia an "asari-only" planet.

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Heck, if you actually read the codex entries, Earth is hardly the center point of the Alliance. It was Arcturus Station that held the high ranked leaders and was the center of the Alliance military.... Which begs the question as to why Shepard was sent to Earth instead of the station where the Alliance leaders and parliament resided.
Courts martial don't have to meet in Washington, DC or London or Paris. Presumably the Alliance base in Vancouver was a good facility to meet the needs of Shepard's trial; we know that the Alliance conducts training in Rio de Janeiro so there's precedent for operating on (but not ruling) Earth. And hey, it could even be Hackett playing it safe and explicitly not wanting Shepard at Arcturus Station in case of the decapitation strike we saw from the Reapers - not putting all the eggs in one basket, as it were.
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