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Re: Travis Mayweather

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No. Harry Kim was 10,000 times more interesting and had 10,000 times more stuff happen to him. Travis was a guy who should have been Voy's Ayala, but they started giving him lines and then they had to pretend he was someone.
Interesting and Kim don't go together well in the same sentence. He did have more happen to him, but I wouldn't call that good.

Kim manages to get rejected by just about every female on Voyager, gets beaten with giant dildos on a planet full of females. Has nightmares about clowns chopping his log in half, has nightmares about Seven just having sex with him, and is the only char in the Trek franchise to get a STD. Oh and he gets the normal goldshirt beatings/alternate universe deaths too.

Mayweather managed to avoid all this negative attention at least.
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