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Re: Race + Comics: On Green Lanternís Near-Death Experience

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This article seems off to me. DC has made a lot of attempts in the last ten years to diversify its cast. The new Atom, Blue Beetle, and Firestorm are all examples of this. The new 52 started with a number of titles with non-white male leads. Static Shock, Blue Beetle, Batwing, Batwoman, Mister Terrific, and VooDoo were all examples of this. How many of these are still around?
But, are they not around because they starred non-white and/or non-male leads or because of their quality? As I said, I tried Blue Beetle and dropped it because I personally thought it wasn't well written.

The few reviews of some of the other titles I'd read seemed to agree that Mister Terrific and VooDoo were not that great. I liked Batwoman, but it suffered when compared to Greg Rucka's run with the character in Detective Comics.

Of course, this raises the issue of whether or not DC purposely put their more popular, higher level talent on their more "mainstream" titles and their second or lower tier writers on titles like these.
All good points, as are the points about John not getting a decent story line, or just being the GL that kills things/people when its necessary.

What would people think about putting John on the Justice League instead of Hal?
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