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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

Fallen hero

This is an interesting tale of deception and intrigue. Maybe thatís an exaggeration but the whole mystery of why the ambassador is being dismissed back to Vulcan forms the core of the episode. Its quite predictable that after Típols preparations for ambassadors arrival and her strict instructions to the crew the ambassador then goes and does the opposite of everything TíPol expected. Its also fairly obvious form TíPol holds the ambassador in high esteem. I really sympathise with TíPolís disappointment in the woman who inspired her toward her current path in life because Vulcans donít have heroes but their allowed to be inspired by others (I now have the urge to create a Vulcan super hero. I will name him Kíarlyle. He shall be able to levitate and scream loud enough to cause earthquakes and sneeze lightning from his nostrils. He likes to meditate and make pictures out of macaroni and eat cheese and if anyone ever tries to tell him he cant do those things cause their unvulcan he sneezes at them hell yeah)

I really like how this episode that is set up like the ambassador who has spent so much time amongst other races and is quite open to other cultures might teach TíPol a lesson about getting on better with humans but instead it twists off into a different direction. In the end it is the ambassador who thought she new everything that learns something from TíPol and it wasnít the first time either. This episode gets 3 and a half stars

Desert crossing

Awesome!!! Guys running round topless whilst playing a cross between football/basketball and that game form Tron where they toss glowing balls at each other with really big sticksÖthat sounds really weird o_O

Archer is in surprisingly good shape considering how often he gets beaten up in this series. Hes also a bit hairy Trip is much nicer. Acquisition would have been greatly improved if Trip had just kept his pants but lost his shirt. Did I mention Clancy Brown is in this episode? Clancy brown is awesome I wasnít sure if it was really him at first I was watching the screen thinking is Archer talking to the Kurgan? I had to rewind and check the credits to confirm it was him. Though Clancy Brown doesnít run around topless but he doesnít need to hes naturally awesome and magnetic. Personality wise not literally otherwise he wouldnít be able to walk into the room without tons of metal stuff randomly flying over and sticking to him. Now I have a mental visual of that happening darn it!

Anyhow the misunderstanding with Clancy Brown and the subsequent problem of Archer and Trip wandering lost in the desert whilst Enterprise is prevented from being able to properly search for them by a hostile government who believes they are in league with terrorists. Bonus points for continuity and also showing a Chinese whispers effect with the rescuing of those poor Suliban form the nasty Tandarans.

The episode does a good job of highlighting what can go wrong when making first contact and why the crew cant involve themselves with the internal affairs of other worlds. There seems to be a pattern developing of an issue tackled by an earlier episode badly is dealt with in a later episode brilliantly. I give this episode 5 stars yaay!

Two days and two nights

Well it took two whole episodes but we are finally at Risa. I just love Dr Phlox in this episode. Especially when heís just woken up ĎI donít care if it tastes badí followed by biting motions. Reed and Trip attempts to boldly go where no one has gone before by hooking up with hot looking alien girls is also funny. I feel kinda sorry for them.

So blonde and stereotypically feminine seems to be Archers type. That alien dog is weird and freaky and obviously bad news if Porthos reaction is anything to go by. Itís a good thing the previous episode reminded us about that whole freeing Suliban detainees as I had almost forgotten about the Tandarans. Why are they so obsessed with Archer? They seem convinced that he holds vital information about the Suliban when really he only knows slightly more than them.

Hoshiís story is sweet with her desire to learn new languages and talk to people leading to a holiday romance. I think sheís the only one out of the main cast who had a fun time everyone else had things go wrong. I award this episode 4 stars.
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