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Re: Janeway Delta Quadrant BUN

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But Janeway had method to her madness. Keeping the serial killer alive until she can unleash him on her enemies. Very clever!
I know but its just WEAK! I mean... When the ferengi managed to take over the enterprise, Riker locked the ship out with his command codes. DATA was able to do this as well.... When the going gets tough, all Janeway can manage to do is BLOW UP THE DAMNED SHIP?!

...And PLEASE... someone explain to me how some delta quadrant aborigines WITH NO TRANSPORTER TECHNOLOGY manage to take over a ship by BOARDING it... Did it never occur to the starfleet tactical response team to mebbe beam over some anti matter onto the bridge of the enemy ships? how about a torpedo? Can someone say mother futking TRACTOR BEAM??

Janeway makes a great school marm but a poor leader.. guess which one we need 70 THOUSAND lightyears away from home..

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