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Re: 7x06 The Bells of St John - review/ discussion

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"The Bells of St. John" was a low budget episode
What!? Seriously, go back and watch Fear Her. That is a low budget episode. This was a blockbuster action episode with a fuck ton of money thrown at it.
I don't see it. We didn't even see the TARDIS dematerialize. It had limited CGI with the crashing plane; the way point faces and the Doctor driving up the building (part of which was done 60's Batman style). The rest was costuming and location work (which I don't believe was as expansive as it seemed).
How big was the speaking cast? How many extras? Every one of those actors had to be paid, fed, costumed, and made-up.

The cheapest episodes are those with most of the action on standing sets back at the studio. This had a lot of location shooting in London; over 150 miles from Cardiff. That's a five hour round-trip travel time for all cast and crew coming out of the BBC Wales studios, and you'll need to pay transportation and insurance costs for everything being transported. A lot of Doctor Who in the past few years has been shot at Cardiff locations doubling for London. In this case, there were several London locations featured in and around the Thames and the Shard.

I don't think this was necessarily the most expensive episode, but it wasn't cheap and low-budget, either.
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